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Fortynine Meadows


Fortynine Meadows is a 391-acre subalpine peatland at 4,920 ft. elevation, consisting of forested, scrub-shrub and herbaceous plant community classes. The site is located in Idaho's Panhandle National Forest, on Meadow Creek and Little North Fork Clearwater River near Breezy Saddle, 15 mi. S. of Avery, ID. The wetland type, subalpine peatlands, is considered rare in Idaho and the Pacific Northwest. This remote, relatively intact wetland provides a stable foundation for a variety of uncommon flora and fauna species, including listed fish species, firethread sedge and sphagnum mosses.

Exemplary Ecosystem Services

Maintains ecological connectivity/cohesion

Aesthetic/Cultural Heritage Value/Provisioning

Carbon storage


Conservation Status and Threats


  • Approximate size (ha):

    158 ha
  • General wetland characterization:

    Inland Fresh Bog
  • Adjacent water bod(iess)

    Pond, Stream
  • Approximate stream order

  • Name of body of water

    Meadow Creek / Little N. Fork Clearwater River
  • Surficial geology

    Surficial geology is granite and limestone overlain in areas by volcanic ash.

  • Soils

    Soils consist of Beaverpass-Handoff-Hucberit families complex (NRCS). Beaverpass soils formed in concave depressions of alluvium over residuum weathered from granite. These soils typically support bogs. Handoff soils are found in concave-linear landforms. Parent material is volcanic ash over residuum weathered from metasedimentary rock. Hucberit soils are typically found in concave-linear landforms along valley walls. Parent material is volcanic ash over residuum weathered from metasedimentary rock.

Flora and Fauna

  • Dominant flora

    firethread sedge (Carex prionophylla), sphagnum mosses
  • Unique flora

    Kalmia microphylla, Caltha biflora, Drosera rotundifolium, ...
  • Dominant fauna

    27 species of macroinvertebrates recorded
  • Rare fauna

    Ephemerella sp.


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